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Ratings - Explained
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How does the APTA/Paddlescores Rating System work?

What is it, and what does it mean? A player’s Rating is a number from 0 to 80. It is similar to a golf handicap: better players have a lower Rating.
  • An 80 represents a player who has never played paddle before and who has very little experience playing any other racquet sports.
  • A 0 represents a highly skilled player who can compete at the national level.
  • It is possible to have a negative Rating.

How do players get an initial Rating? There are two options to set a player’s initial Rating:
  1. Use match data from prior seasons
  2. Set an initial Rating based on a player’s division/typical line number

Ratings for new players entering the league will be determined by their captain and the league.

How do Ratings adjust? Ratings are dynamic, and adjust after match results are posted. The Rating algorithm uses the match outcome (win/loss, and games won) and the relative strength of the teams to determine the adjustment. Winning/losing the match is the most important factor in determining a Rating change.

For example: Player A (a 20 Rating) and Player B (28) have a match versus Player C (24) and Player D (30). Team A/B has a rating of 48 vs. Team C/D’s 54. Team A/B has a lower Rating and is favored to win the match.

If Team A/B wins, this is the expected outcome. Ratings for A and B will decline a small amount; Ratings for C and D will increase by the opposite amount.

On the other hand, if Team C/D wins, this is an upset! Ratings for C and D will decline by a more significant amount while Ratings for A and B increase.

Large changes in Rating are achieved through upsets or lopsided victories between closely-matched teams. A heavily-favored team cannot improve its Rating by feasting on weak opponents.

How do we use the Rating system?
The league uses the Rating system to sort its players and team lineups.
  1. Ratings are used to offer tournaments at different skill levels. A player’s Rating determines his tournament seeding.
  2. Team captains use Ratings to set their match lineups, and to help move players among leagues as skill levels improve or deteriorate.
  3. Ratings are used to prevent lineup “stacking”.
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